Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Break--Part Two

Please be warned...there is an obscene amount of photos and info on this post. I'm fully aware that it is obnoxious but I can't see any way around it. I'm trying to get caught up from our trip.

After a very eventful Easter, we settled in to do all of our favorite things in St. George. First on our list was heading down the street to the indoor pool. My parents live in a "Mature Community" (I think you have to be 50 + to live there) and it has some great amenities--indoor and outdoor pool, tennis court, exercise room, pool table and rec room. The kids can spend hours at the pool.

Alex with his new goggles


After swimming we went to another favorite place--The Wildlife Museum. You would think my kids would get sick of it as we go every time we come, but no. It never loses it's appeal. Watch out--more taxidermy!

This man Rosenbruch has turned his hobby into a full-on educational conservationist museum with all of his trophies--(Roger Carter, I'm waiting for your museum to open up!) The lights dim and it thunderstorms every ten minutes or so. It's pretty cool. Jake, my animal enthusiast, can tell me which animals are new each time we go (which is like a year apart!)
"Mom, look at the new vervet monkey hanging in the tree."
"Mom, they moved that African kudu over to the right a little bit."
"Look Mom, they got a new tropical tree with a scarlet macaw in it."

He's my little Steve Irwin.

They also have this little learning room with a tree house, dress up clothes, a tent, camping gear, puzzles and books.

I had to include this pic. "I'm too sexy for my..."

Oh Dad, why do you have to embarrass me!?

We finished off the day with dinner at my hands-down favorite Mexican place on earth. Why oh why can't we have Cafe Rio here? I always get the shredded pork burrito, enchilada style and I swear they put drugs in it. So addictive! My friend Shannon has the recipe posted on her blog listed under my links but I haven't tried to make it myself yet. I have a way of ruining any good recipe!


Today we headed up to Zion's National Park to go camping for two days...

This is where we set up camp...

And this is where my parent's set up camp...

Aww, don't they look happy on their nice, cozy balcony at the Zion's Lodge. Jealous much?

We then headed to Springdale--the cute little town at the base of the park and had lunch at the Pizza & Noodle Co. and went to the feeding farm to see the animals. It is this random, funny place where you buy feed for a buck or two and then you feed these massive buffalo, bulls, cows, horses and donkeys, etc. through the fence--a fence which posts warning signs all over it that you are in danger of charging animals ! Classic!

(I figured out how to do a slide show so that no one has to suffer through pictures unless you want to.)


We met my parents at the visitor's center and then they took off deciding they were not up for the hikes! Slackers! No, my mom had a very busy week as assistant to the pres. at Dixie College--lots of drama and a new president! (Love you Mom!)

Anyway, you take a bus to the different hiking trails, so first we went to the Weeping Rock which was a short hike and very cool. It never stops dripping water!

I love this picture of John and Owen on the bus!

Here's Weeping Rock

I love this pic for some reason. It's like they're taking in the magnitude of it all!

After that we went to the Emerald Pools which was about a two mile hike and the kids did really well. It was absolutely beautiful!

We actually hiked in behind the waterfall. Very cool!

Owen was awake the whole day just chillin' in the backpack and then right when we got to the big tree to rest he fell asleep. Mmm! Scrumptious! It was a perfect day!

More pics of Zion...

Be forewarned--there will be a Spring Break--Part Three!


Britt said...

Oh Zion, how sweet thy vistas and thy rocks. I miss that place and now I think we have to plan a trip. I don't think I have been there since 1995. Lovely photos, Annie.

Shannon said...

You have such a cute family Annie. Looks like you guys had a great time & you took great photos!!!

Rach said...

I love the obscene amount of photos. It makes me feel like I was there with you.

bigjon said...

Hey, where have all the exclamation points gone? At least half of them have gone missing! Oh, there was one.

Marilyn said...

This is so great, Annie. I love all the pictures and your fun descriptions and captions. It was a mighty empty house after you guys, and then Jon and Farrah and Georgia Kay, left!? WE MISS YOU ALL. Thank you so much for coming to spend that week with us - we loved every minute of it, and can't wait until next time. And thanks to John for downloading all the photos on our screensaver - we just sit and stare at the pictures (pathetic, I know!). Love you, Mom

Eagar Fam said...

I love it! And how SKINNY and HOT are you in that purple shirt? Miss you guys!

cait&brig said...

these are such cute pictures...i still can't believe those are all your kids! i love the shout-out to rog, i'll tell him. ps. in answer to your question on my blog, pink & chocolate isn't out (esp. if it's at RH), I'm just not a light pink girl...i do think it's darling though, my sister loves the combo! i hope i get to see you this summer!

joni said...

i love all of your pictures! looks like you guys had lots of fun