Saturday, June 28, 2008

Water Babies

Guess who loves the water...

...a little too much!
Oh Owen!

And guess who jumps off high dives...
Here they go...
And Alex! (he's 4!!)

Crazy! I was so impressed! They loved it and they went again and again!
(They don't get this from me...I was scared of everything! I think I was 10 before I jumped off a high dive.)

Friday, June 27, 2008

B-Ball at the Blatters

John likes to throw together these last minute parties. If you didn't get a call, we tried. Let me know if you're interested and we'll get you next time. He invites families over for a scrimage of some sport or another and then we eat and swim and hang out. Friday night was baseball and we set up on the greenbelt.

The kids lined up and took turns going up to bat. We had the tee there in case anyone wanted to use it but I think every kid preferred John's pitch, even the really little ones!
The mvp was definitely Miss Gia who has quite a swing on her tiny little frame! She whacked that ball!
Her little brother Jace did a great job too!

Jake... who shared his base with Owen

Hannah...who whacked the ball straight into her dad and knocked him over thought it was so funny!

Alex...who posed at every base!

Owen...who ran around collecting balls and hugs from Calan

Gavin and Elise...

Neve and Maren...

The kids were all awesome and after several scores, we turned it around and the adults played while the kids all went in outfield to catch! It ended up guys against girls and we smoked them. We played one inning each and they got a couple of home runs but we got more singles and doubles, got the bases loaded, and then put Mel up to bat and she got us grand slams!! We'd score four points at once as opposed to their measley one! It was all strategy!!
After b-ball we ate and swam and had a great time. It was fun to see the adults let loose and do cannonballs!
Great night! Great friends!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Class Swim Party!

We invited Jake and Hannah's whole class to come swimming for a playdate and many were in town and could make it.  They had a great time and it was fun to see everyone again outside of school!  
The Boys--Nicholas, Aidan, Dylan, Alex, Jake, and Kai
And Parik--he wouldn't come out of the hot tub!
The Girls--Sophia, Hannah, Claire, and Karrington

Fun times!

The moms got to hang out and talk while the kids played. It was a great afternoon!

Fun-filled Week with Georgia!

(and Uncle Jon and Aunt Farrah too!)

Sorry! Lots of pics

My brother and his wife Farrah and their one-year-old cutie, Georgia, came to visit this week and we had a wonderful time.  They had a rough time getting here as their flight was delayed several hours, they were forced to sit on the runway with a one year old on their lap for two hours and, of course, lost luggage upon arrival. Oh, and East Bay traffic on the way home, too. They were such good sports when they got here and let my kids swarm them and climb all over their uncle and kiss all over and hold Georgia!

We had a great week with many adventures. We laid out by the pool and swam a lot.
Georgia gives it a thumbs up! She was so cute and sweet and happy and easy going.  I don't know where she came from!! ;) She is a joy!
By the end of the week, Farrah and I had synchronized the babies naps so that we could put them down and then grab our book and a lounge chair to rest and sun bathe. 
My kids LOVE their Uncle Jon and he doesn't seem to get too tired of them and all of their affection and attention.  He even had a sleepover with them on the trampoline one night (of which there was not much sleeping on his part. Good sport!) Hannah, however, didn't wake up until 10:30 am--birds chirping, sun shining, lawn mower, et al!! A girl needs her beauty rest!
Now that's a good uncle!

Love this shot! Cannonball!

On Saturday we went out on the boat...
The kids were so excited--it was the first trip out on the boat this summer!
Even the little ones did great...

Georgia was the cutest little French sailor ever!

Owen (aka Rudolph) would not keep his hat on so this is a rare shot!

Aunt Kim went with us and was great company and a great help.  

Uncle Jon got up on his first try...

I love this shot of Georgia watching her daddy!
John getting some air and then attempting a flip...
That's my girl!
They got waterlogged and thought it was so funny, so then they'd do it on purpose!
Owen taking his nap! I thought he must have been so comfortable laying on me like that until I later looked closely at the picture and noticed the strap between his legs!! Ouch!

Some other favorite shots of the day...

More snug straps!!

On Tuesday we went to the County Fair...
This was one of their favorite rides! Hannah, Jake, and Alex are on the very far left of the picture
Alex was tall enough for most rides this year so he was so happy. He enjoyed his older brother showing him the ropes...
Jake just read this over my shoulder and asked me, "What ropes?"

The FUN SLIDE!!...

Poor Owen spent most of the time in his stroller...
And of course, we had to see the animals...
Georgia's first encounter with a cow
Cute Farrah!

More rides...

We found this stage with a microphone and the kids were loving it! Okay, maybe not Jake, but Alex and Hannah kept going up to sing. It was pretty cute!

It was a great day at the fair--fried food, funnel cakes,  and 4H. Cotton candy, corn dogs and carnies (toothless ones, no less)!  Doesn't get better than that!

We had a great week with Jon and Farrah and Georgia. We barbecued, watched movies, talked, went out to dinner without kids, had a delicious meal by Farrah, and just hung out.  
We miss them already! We are hoping this becomes an annual trip to see their crazy Californian cousins!
We love you!