Monday, July 30, 2012

Another Swim Team Season!

Go Aqua Bears! We love our team!

Hannah's Buddy this year was taller than her but younger!
Hannah was in the same age group as girls this tall! Crazy!
Alex's Buddy was Dallin
The Amazing swimmers....

Jake's buddy!

Jake and his crew
Go Aqua Bears!! Cheer!

Go Owen!

Breast stroke

Getting ready for backstroke

Hannah and Mia

Check out her dive!
Alex made it to Championships this year.  More pics to follow!
*Still figuring out this new program.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

These made me laugh...

Cousin fun!  These kids crack me up!  Every pic has a little gem of personality in it!

I haven't used Blogger since the changes so this is all new to me.  Saw these pics and had to share.  My kids have been BEGGING me to start blogging again so I can document their lives.  They read over old stuff all the time.  Here is a baby step.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Owen!

Today Owen told me that he wished he could hit his head really hard so that he could be rich. I asked him why he thought he would be rich if he hit his head and he said that last time he fell down and hit his mouth, everyone gave him money and candy!
(This is actually true because he fell in a pizza parlor and there was lots of blood and so all of his little friends and cousins felt so bad for him, they gave him their coins and little toys out of the machine. A couple of them even gave him a dollar bill! It was really sweet to see their empathy!...but not so sweet now to see how Owen's figuring out how to milk it!)

The other day he asked me if everyone is a child of God. "Of course," I said, "Everyone". He replied, "Even random people? Like bald people?"

Last time we were at the dentist office for an appointment for Hannah, Owen went with me and he asked me if he could pick a toy out of the bin. I told him that those toys are for the patients and he replied, "But I've been so patient!!"

The missionaries were over for dinner last night and Owen was on one! He was hamming it up and had them rolling on the ground with laughter. I don't know what it is about this slightly inapropriate and ridiculously funny kid but he is so dang loveable.

We'll keep him!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


As Hannah was writing an addendum tonight to this original letter written to Santa...

she added a few more items that she had forgotten and then signed,
A very, very nice girl
Hannah Blatter"
She looked up and me and said, "Do you think Santa knows that it's pronounced Blotter?"

(Do you think she's just a little sensitive to the fact that our name is often mispronounced as a very uncool internal organ that holds your pee!?)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I know I'm behind, but...

I get this message from blogger when I try to update...

We're sorry, but you have exceeded your photo upload quota.

and I don't know what to do about it! And I haven't done anything about it for about 2 months or so.


*I know many of you are chuckling right now because I am just a little obnoxious with the ridiculous amounts of photos that I post. I'm just not good at editing!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


While Grandma and Grandpa Lamoreaux were visiting this summer, Owen was being extra ornery and bossy at one point and Dad said, "Owen, why are you being so rude?" Owen responded with his hands up in exasperation, "Because I want what I want...and I want EVERYTHING!" We all burst out laughing and Dad said, "I think that's the most honest answer I've ever heard."
As you can imagine that is a new inside joke in our house!

This summer we went to Mexico and I decided to get the kid's their own rolling suitcases that they got to pick out at Target. You would've thought they won the lottery, they were so excited. They took their time, debating the styles and options (in the price range given) and then rolled their suitcases all over the store until our shopping was complete. Shortly after we got home to pack, Jake told me he was done. I knew there was no way as I was still doing laundry and hadn't give him his packing check list. He insisted and I opened it up to find books/magazines/ds/stuffed tiger/toys and said "What about all your clothes?" He looked at me dumbfounded, "You mean I have to put all my clothes in there?? What a waste!"

At our soccer games this weekend Hannah had a big bottle of Vitamin Water that she did not want to share with her brothers. Grandpa Lamoreaux said, "But Hannah, you can't drink that all yourself! You'll have to stop for a potty break during your game!" She replied mischievously, "No, I'll just have an accident on the field... and while everyone's looking my team can score!!" We all cracked up!! What a cute and spunky girl! Good strategizing there Hannah!! Anything to get out of sharing with her brothers!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Mamie's 90th Birthday Party and my Mom and Dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary...


 Many wonderful years to celebrate!

Friday, August 27, 2010


My summer endeavor...

(This is the post that caused me to run out of photo storage! Be prepared!)
So I...

with the help of some dear friends started a Show Choir this summer with about 100+ kids...

All in an effort to get my own kids singing and dancing with friends...
And it was a blast!

(L to R: Trish sacrificed her garage all summer, Taufa and her daughters did all of the choreography and ran the classes, Kristi was the business and money, and I did all advertising, communications and enrollment. My friend Nicole, not pictured, did the logo and all the t-shirts! Fabulous right? Let me know if you want her info.)

We held classes every week in a friend's garage...

Even had a recording session...

And then ended the summer with a big backyard show where the kids showed off their voices and moves...

Grades Kindergarten-1st (My Alex was in this group. 2nd from right back row)

Grades 2-3

Grades 4-5 (Jake and Hannah are in this group. Hannah 2nd from left on front row and Jake in his own row leaning forward with his mouth open on the right side!)

Middle School...

And High School...

They rocked!! And it was so fun to see the kids overcome their fears and just let loose. They also made some great friends!

Adorable children and so much fun !
Some snap shots of all the cuteness...

Until next summer...