Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring Break--Part Three

Another ridiculously long post. This is the last segment of Spring Break, I promise! I really shouldn't feel the need to apologize as these are my records, The Blatter Golden Plates! (okay, maybe more like tarnished copper)


Owen officially started walking today! I have a video clip but I don't know how to do it. He took the bull by the horns and hasn't stopped since. I'm wondering if being in the backpack all day yesterday on our hike caused him to want to keep up with us all. He took a few steps here and there before but today it was official! He also started doing this crinkle-nose smile which melts my heart! Hannah calls it the "kitty smile"

Oh Owen! I love you!

Anyway, today we went to the new town square in downtown St. George right next to the Tabernacle, which I love!

So beautiful and timeless!

They have a fun squirty fountain that the kids wearily got the courage to run through. We didn't bring their swimsuits and they weren't sure if they wanted to get wet!

mini Bellagio!

The boys mustering up some courage, unsure when it's going to spout!

In, at last!

That's as far as Hannah got!

Beyond the fountain is a cool red rock water area where the kids played forever. They loved it! This will become a new tradition when visiting St. George. We'll be sure to bring our swimsuits next time!

Owen wanted to get in on the action. He started by just putting his hands in...

He was loving it! He's a splashy kind of guy!

That soon was not enough, so we let him at it...

You can't tell but he was squealing!

Swoon! My boys!

We crossed the street for ice cream at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor that was ridiculously huge! I kept wondering how much they pay in rent (John is rubbing off on me!) It was an enormous parlor that only sold ice cream and the place was empty! I felt so bad that I made my children run around and scream and climb on the furniture so that the owners would feel like they had a big crowd!

Okay, I lied. Maybe they came up with that plan on their own.

Anyway, great day! Fun to be in the cute, quaint, downtown St. George. Fun to see the kids tackling fears. Fun to see Owen using his new legs!! Fun to be together!


Jon and Farrah and Miss Georgia Kay drove out from Denver and arrived last night! It was so great to see them. Farrah wasn't going to come and then decided to at the last minute and I'm so glad she did. We all stayed up late and played games (we're Lamoreaux's remember?), and watched movies, and got caught up. Farrah and I took an hour long walk this morning and it was so nice to bond and exercise at the same time. Then we just hung out--playing tennis, swimming, more Cafe Rio, etc.

Grandpa with his newest grandchildren!

Owen and Georgia getting acquainted. (She's not so sure about him!)

Pleeease give me some lovin'! "Kitty smile" please! Meeee-ow!!

Here's Alex playing tennis with daddy. He was quite good! I was ball girl and it ended up being very good exercise!

Down at the pool...

The O-ster!

Jon and Georgia. Look at those gorgeous blue eyes!

I think she's warming up to him!


Dreaded day of the Grandchildren Picture! Of course, a nightmare. We couldn't figure out the blaring direct sun! This is the best shot of all of them~

(Love Alex and Logan's chin-on-hand grumpiness!)

Here they are in the shade which didn't work either.

Love this shot with Grandpa and his girls!

The Beautiful Girls!

That was it. More Cafe Rio, some Sonic Blasts, a little Neilson's Frozen Custard, a lot of Grandma Sycamore's Bread, lots of lovin' from family and a long drive home--all of our favorite treats of Utah!

The End


Camille said...

Your kids are beautiful. Hannah, is looking so grown up, and the boys...oh soo cute! I feel like I am getting a little glimpse into their lives. I love that you and John take trips, you are making memories for their lifetime. I am jealous of your sweet RV. Lots f love!

Karen S said...

What a fun trip. By the way, I love Grandma Sycamore's bread- I had totally forgotten about it. Yum.

Eagar Fam said...

I love Owen's kitty face! It's too cute. He's walking! How crazy! the kids all look so cute in their yellow! Adorable. And your parents look so happy to have all of their kids and grandkids together. What fun for them! I miss game night with the Lamoreauxs. I bet your Dad didn't miss me though. :)

Britt said...

OK. so the part about you "helping" out the ice cream place made me laugh out loud. You always do, Annie. Love ya. So strange to see little Owen walking. Adorable.

Farrah said...

Cute, cute pictures. You got some good ones that I didn't - love the ones of Owen and G. on the grass together!!! I was cracking up about the Golden Plates, but you're right - this blog is your journal!! Make your entries as long as you want!

Rach said...

Those yellow dresses are to die for! I love them. All of it really:)