Monday, April 14, 2008

I feel the love!

This was a tribute from my friend Mandi and I was so incredibly touched that I had to steal it from her blog so that I could remember it always and feel the love! I want to keep it forever and refer to it on bad days!
(I love you Mandi!)

"Isn't She Lovely"

I know this girl who forgives as easily as she laughs.
I know this girl who everyone wants to be around and always are.
I know this girl who is an open book you can't wait to read.
I know this girl who sees daisies in a dark ally.
I know this girl who can't wait to see where her next trip will take her.
I know this girl who makes friends with the unfriendable.
I know this girl who is strong and soft all at the same time.
I know this girl and I'm so glad she knows me.
I love you. Happy birthday Annie.
(You make me cry! The neck rolls make me cry!)

"My Girl, Annie"

This picture is from my friend Britt's blog and I had to include it also. It also had some great quotes from last weeks "The Office" episode!

I seriously have the most amazing friends far and wide and I love you all so much!
Here is a tribute to all of you...
"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." ~Marcel Proust
You all make my soul blossom and bloom!

And now I have to include my Mom's sweet comment I just found on Mandi's blog...
"I know this girl, too. I have the amazing privilege of being her mother. She is everything everyone has said and more - the most caring, mindful, considerate, wise, beautiful, fun loving, joyful, radiant daughter (and best friend). Love you forever and always, Annie. I must say, too, that she is blessed beyond measure to have such remarkable, loving friends, all of whom seem to possess the same outstanding, endearing qualities she has!! You are truly elect young women - and I love your blogs and being able to get to know you better. Thank you for letting me into your special world!"
(ditto!... Those of you who know my mom, know that she is the caring, considerate, remarkable one! I love you Mom!)

What a love fest!
I'll never need chocolate again...I'll just go back and read this post!


Marilyn said...

While I was posting a comment on Mandi's blog about her tribute to you, you were posting her tribute on your blog!!! I love you so much, Annie, and I'm glad you had such a fun, happy birthday. Mom

Britt said...

Love ya. Love this blog party. Next time I will bring my own wine glass.

AnnieB said...

Mom~I just had to include it in my records so that I could have it forever! (presumptuous, possibly? oh well!)

Britt~Just don't bring your childhood babysitter! "Purely Carnal, that's all I gotta say!"

Eagar Fam said...

I love it! She described you perfectly! I say, "keep it on the blog!" If anyone wants to get to know you better, just read the tribute, and they'll want to be your friend." Love you!

Lisa Newman said...

Happy Birthday, Annie!
Sounds like you had a great celebration, and such kind words from great friends. I don't know you as well as they do, but I know you enough to agree with what they have said. We miss you guys!

Jon Lamoreaux said...

I know Annie pretty well too. She's ok.