Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wild Weekend Getaway

Here's a little glimpse of our weekend...

We were graciously invited up to this amazingly beautiful, completely unfurnished, empty house on a ranch this weekend up near Placerville...Black Rock Ranch! You know us, we can never say No to some fun, so we loaded up and took off with some friends for an adventure! Like I said, the house had no furniture so we camped out in the rooms and slept on the floor!

Anyway, the kids were so excited, they started climbing on everything before it even came off the trailer...

Notice Jake's sweet Travis Pastrana move on the motorcycle! What makes it even more funny is that he had no interest in riding it, once it came off the truck! (I think he finally rode with his dad once, but had to be coaxed--he definitely does not take after his dad!) This move gives us a glimpse of hope.

Hannah and Maren

Alex getting ready to ride with his Dad.

Kiera waiting her turn (in my pink birthday helmet from Karli!!-love ya girl!)

Owen kept raising his hand up and following every motor vehicle, going "Eh, eh!" You could see his little mind saying "My turn, my turn!"

Yes, that's a bloody nose. He's still adjusting to this walking thing. He also almost got run over by a battery powered jeep! (You can see the crazy driver who got him and other footage on my friend, Britt's blog (or the link is Callaways). It's hilarious--she's a very good video editor!) Anyway, he's a tough kid!

Hot mamas! Britt and Rachel. Alicia rode too and I think she caught the bug--Bryce might be investing in one of these now!

Right down the hill from the house is a beautiful little lake so we headed down in the truck to do some fishing and canoeing, and more riding...

Full load!

Alex and Hannah

Clay and Bryce helped out on the dock. Many a fish were caught (and released).

Cole E.

Cole S. (Maren and even little Olivia caught some too!)

Alex was more interested in playing with the worms!

Olivia and the worms!

Jake on the beach

Hannah and Neve

Fill 'er up! The ladies all went out on a canoe ride later while the boys watched all of the kids and it was pretty funny trying to get a rhythm with the oars--we had to think back to our old Girl's Camp days! "1, 2, 3, SWITCH, 1, 2, 3, SWITCH..."

The boys. John's always trying to show off those muscles!

It was a great weekend! (and a good thing we had conference recorded)
Just in case you were wondering, mom and dad!

Sidebar--the women stayed up until 3:30 in the morning talking! 3:30!! None of us were wearing a watch and we didn't really want to know the time but Alicia looked at the thermostat before we went to bed--we must have been in need of some serious girl bonding! Big Thanks to early bird Brad who got up with the kids so that we could sleep in!


Britt said...

Kiera is such a woman driver. Owen is such a tough guy. Jake is so funny.

Eagar Fam said...

That looks like fun. I'm jealous about the girl bonding... Miss you!

Rach said...

I used the great photo you had of Cole and the fish on mine. We'll have to go again.

love ya!

AnnieB said...

If you're reading this, call me or email me! I need your contact info. I just found out that my friend lives in the same town as you!

Marilyn said...

Wow - this looks like so much fun. You have such great friends, and such a wonderful life. Thanks for the general conference reference for mom and dad (incidentally, conference was about the best ever!!!). Love you all.

Camille said...

looks like that trip would totally be up my alley! You daredevil girls you! I will call you tommorow. Long time no chats.

~home bodies~ said...

looks like fun, but way too far away from home for us home bodies. how do you do it? are you feeling the love now fellow blogger? you are doing an amazing job! the best part is, we don't even have to walk three blocks away now to see you... we can stay right here at home and keep up on your life. pathetic i know. see you on friday.

Mandi Crockett said...

I too am jealous of the girl bonding. I love the shot with John and the muscles! He has never looked more like Jake! love you

joni said...

i love looking at all of your adventures! we just read two books for our book club this month that made me think of you. Mama's Bank Account by Kathryn Forbes and Fifth Chinese Daughter by Jade Snow Wong. both are about immigrant families settled in San Francisco. they are both excellent and upbeat. you should really check them out.