Friday, July 31, 2009

YOU are the "Banana Cream Pie of Life"

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I don't even know what to say. You are an amazing man. You find joy in everything. You make people feel loved and important. You are deep and wise and spiritual and so... unfussy. So wonderfully at ease in any situation and so genuine. You love deeply. You grieve deeply. You do everything deeply, full-heartedly (a cross between full-on and whole-heartedly, like that?) You eat up every situation and see it as a learning experience, a spiritual experience, an opportunity for growth. You admit to not knowing all the answers, you admit your weaknesses and that's exactly what makes you so strong. You are immensely talented and yet so humble. (Except when it comes to game playing and pie baking and waffle making!)
You are the most wonderful man and I am so grateful you are mine and that you have always been there for me. At the drop of a hat you are always there for me--flying or driving cross country if need be--as long as your health allows, which it hasn't lately and I miss you!
You are always there for me. You are always there for everyone. Always. Solid. An anchor. My anchor.
I love you!

Your grandkids love you. Your son-in-law loves you.
Everyone loves you.
Who couldn't?
I hope you have a wonderful day.

"Your one and only daughter"

P.S. We're coming! In less than two weeks! Surprise! You don't have to be lonesome anymore!

Shave Down

It's a usher in championships...there weren't any real razors...
there was, however, LOTS of shaving cream!

They started off so clean...

And then...

They got whiter and whiter...

Even Owen got in on the action...

Until they were unrecognizable.

Now that's team spirit!

Phew, it fully wore this one plumb out!
What a season!

Award Night

"An Evening of Elegance"
Best Coaches Ever all dressed up and smokin' hot...
(They sure clean up nicely!)

All the kids marched in a procession like the Olympics and then sat with their age group...

Each age group was called up and recognized and given a bag with their medals...

3 boys and 3 girls from each age group were given special recognition for "Most Improved", "Coach's Award" and "Most Valuable Player"
Guess who won "Most Improved" for their age group!?...

Miss Hannah!

You go girl!
Lots of medals, lots of awards, lots of hugs, lots of tears...
(Cute Coach Matt, whom Hannah has a crazy crush on, even got emotional!!)

Owen thinks he's an Aqua Bear too. Next year he's coming in a bear costume as the mascot.
John and Monte did this to keep him entertained during the LONG slideshow...

Then several kids came up to John asking if they could get their face "painted" too and requesting different animals. It was pretty funny. Fund-raising idea for next year!

We love Coach Matt!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pool, Pizza, and P.J. Parties

Pool fun...

Pizza fun...

And a pj party at the Larson's...

Summertime fun!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Aqua Bears are Hibernating!

Swim Team is officially over.
Bittersweet. This was our first year and I had a love/hate relationship with it...mostly love.

LOVE: Their cute little bodies (booties) in those tiny tight suits (and the accompanying pinches to said booties).
LOVE: Swim caps. So cute.
LOVE: Not much gear. Hate lots of gear.
LOVE: Sibling bonding...

LOVE: Hanging out by the pool with the other moms every day.
LOVE: Tiring my kids out with great exercise every day.
LOVE: Watching my kids improve in such a great skill. They swam every stroke.
LOVE: The competition. The self-improvement and motivation.
LOVE: The donuts. The bonding. The tent love.


Here I go...


Did I win?


Thumbs up mom!

LOVE: My voice getting hoarse from cheering them on each week.
LOVE: Ribbons of every color of the rainbow.
LOVE: The look of pride on their face when they get first place.
LOVE: The learning experienced by sometimes coming in last place.
LOVE: Coach bonding...(they had some amazing coaches! Especially Mr. Matt Eye-Candy with the amazing butterfly stroke!)

LOVE: Friendship bonding...

LOVE: Team bonding and loud, unruly team cheers...

What do I hate, you ask?
HATE: Getting up at the crack of dawn on my beloved Saturdays.
HATE: Giving up a month and a half of vacations and Saturdays. (I guess in retrospect we've still managed to fit in some short trips.)
LOVE: A sport the whole family can enjoy.

I guess I'm feeling the LOVE.
"Eat my bubbles!"

Until next year...