Friday, August 29, 2008


Scene set-up: It was 102 degrees today, car off and parked, ready to pick up the twins from school. Alex has taken a beach towel and put it over him like a blanket.

Me: "Oh Alex! Why do you have that towel on you?? You make me hot just looking at you!!"
Alex: "Well...don't look at me then."
Point taken.

Some funny shots from Tahoe...

His favorite sayings lately...
"Chocolate Chip Funny Face!" and "Happiness!" or "Hap" for short. His siblings burst into giggles and think he is the funniest guy on the planet.
He is one funny, happy, lovable guy!

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Babies are in 2nd Grade!!

Today was the twin's first day of school! We laid out their clothes last night, read our favorite back to school book called "The Kissing Hand", had prayers and blessings from dad, and a yummy breakfast this morning from mom. (The first day of the school year always starts on the right note...) It was a very exciting day! 
Please be forewarned, I was a camera-happy mom this morning! These are for Grandma and Grandpa!!
I am so proud of these two. They are smart and happy and kind and good-hearted. They are simply wonderful and I am so thankful I get to have them and help them grow.
loving the shy face--doesn't she look just like John? pursed lips and all!
my beautiful girl!
more shy, pursed lips!
my handsome boy!
We rode our bikes...

We stood in our class line...

We greeted friends...

We met our new teacher, Mrs. Barnhart...

And off they went...
I came back later for pick up and took more pictures!

Jake admiring Neve's glasses
My little book worm!
With our best buddies, the Callaways!...

Even Alex found some of his buddies (he has one more year of preschool)...
And Owen found the leaves... 

He was stomping and giggling, loving the crackling sound!
Lots of excitement today! Here's to a great new school year!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


John and I went to the city this last weekend to celebrate our Ten Year Anniversary. The first night we drove in with some of our best friends, Brad and Rachel, who were also celebrating 10 years. (They got married a week after us--in fact we missed their wedding because we were on our honeymoon!) John had gotten 4 free club seat tickets to a Giants game from a client and after some deliberation, we decided to use them! "A baseball game?? On our anniversary? Rach is coming?? Oh, Okay then!" ;)  
We went in early, shopped, and ate at one of our favorite restaurants called Betlenut. Then we headed over to the game...

I thought this was a good place to take a picture with the stadium in the background... 

(Brad practicing Diane's skinny arm pose!)
...until we came up to this spot which was much cooler so we had to take another couple's pose!!

The game...

We had Ghiradelli's hot fudge sundaes and hot chocolate (no garlic fries for our anniversary night!!) and the Giants won 5 to 0!! It was a quick and painless game. We love you Brad and Rach! 
John and I then headed over to our hotel in Union Square. We had a great view and room...

We still look a little sleepy! hmm...
Saturday, we slept in and shopped and ate Blondies pizza and pretended to ride the cable car. The weather was fabulous in the city and we had a great day, but we had to get home to relieve Chris and Lisa who had our 4 kids! Oh yeah, we have kids!!
John needed the shopping more than me...he hasn't shopped for himself for a long time!

Fabulous time! Happy Ten Years! I love you baby!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Antioch Waterslides

Love this place! Mild waterslides, no teenagers, beautifully landscaped, perfect for young kids. Last hurrah before school starts!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Me: "Hey Angel, you okay?"
Alex: "Don't call me angel, I'm Aggielicious!"

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Uncle Bob Dancing

I found this old footage of my Uncle Bob dancing at my cousin Rick's wedding in 2003. I only had a few short clips (I was using a digital camera) and they're grainy but had to try to make it into a movie for my Aunt Marsha. (I'm very green and still figuring it out!) 
Man, I miss him and all his charm! I still can't believe he's gone but I know he's still got it!
(Hannah is the little one with the red dress and pigtails in the dancing circle and Jake is the one in the last frame watching from his chair, bobbing his head to the music!)
Hopefully his grandkids and great nieces and nephews can carry on his joi de vivre!
I love you so much Aunt Marsha! 

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Uncle's Funeral

A beautiful, sad day. (8/9/08)
So thankful for his life and love and so sad to say goodbye--for now.
So wonderful to see family and friends, to hug and weep and mourn and laugh together.
So unreal and so sad.
The Cousins (minus Steve) My brother Jon, my cousins Rick, Allyson, and Tony and me
He is buried very close to my grandma and grandpa Dick and Dollie. It was so nice to visit their grave.

Uncle Jug and Aunt Jeanne, Mom, Jon, me and Dad

John and I went out to Salt Lake City two weekends ago for the funeral for my Uncle Bob. I didn't take very many pictures but I gained so much by his beautiful funeral...
Live life to the fullest, express your love to those you care about, never stop learning, and always help others and teach them what you know. Be excited about life and this beautiful world, and always be thankful and kind. I'll miss you Uncle Bob!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ten Years

Crazy! Happy Anniversary Baby! You are more than I could've ever asked for! I love you forever!

(I'll work on scanning some old pictures!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Juney Bands

This is my friend Mandi's new complete collection of headbands. She's uber talented and these are sooo cute! She has been working non-stop to get these ready and now they are available to grace all the beautiful little noggins out there. Please go to and check them out. (You can see more adorable pictures and enter for a chance to win free clips and headbands!) Please tell your friends and anyone you know who would be interested. If you live in Ca and know Mandi, she can get you everything without shipping, just email her at
Happy shopping!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Forgotten Picture

I just found this cute picture that my friend Mel took after a family bike ride with the Callaways to the ice cream parlor back in June! I had to post it! 
Summertime and ice riding and friends...true happiness!