Monday, August 31, 2009

He Wakeboards...

(Crazy little 5 year old)

They fly...

They flip...

She kneeboards...

He "skis"...

They dance...

(It was hard to capture Jake's sweet thrusting moves!)

They bond...

They fly off the tube...

and get right back on again...

Go Olivia!

So cute just like her mommy...

We took our friends the Suttons out on the boat and it was so fun! Their boys were awesome and wanted to try everything and were constantly one-upping each other. Olivia was a trooper when she flew off the tube on a relatively calm ride (she's a pretty light weight!) and she got right back on! Such a cutie! Alicia got right up on the wakeboard after only ever doing it once before!
Everyone did everything and it was so much fun. I could've included pics of every kid doing every thing but you get the point. Firsts for everyone.

Fun had by all.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School

Wha's Up? We're too cool for school.
Oh, my kiddies are getting so big! Even little Owester there with his big, cheesy grin! Wow!

Jake was even too cool to smile!
Oh, there it is...

We have two 3rd graders this year!! Jake and Hannah surprisingly got put in the same class! That will be nice for me with the increased workload of 3rd grade! They got the "strict" teacher so we'll see how that goes. I don't think she'll admire the way Jake doodles everything into an animal like his last teacher! "Oh, and just look how Jake made this 8 into a tiger! Isn't that wonderful? He's so creative!" I probably won't hear that at the next parent/teacher conference!

And guess who started Kindergarten??

That's right. Aggielicious.

And he's lovin' it so far. His teacher seems so nice and it will be a great transition for him. He's ready!
Can't believe it's the start of another school year. It was so quiet when Owen and I ate lunch together today. We actually had a nice little nice as a conversation gets with a two year old.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sums Up Summer

setting sun.

smooth glassy water.









ahhh. what a way to end.

And then it's over. just like that. school begins. bittersweet.
(Most pictures by Britt...the best ones!)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Explorer's Club

Isn't nature exciting? You don't have to convince these guys!
I can't take credit for this...
Another summer adventure from some magical mommies I blessedly know and love! My kids got to be explorers of all things nature for a whole afternoon!

They got magnifying glasses and a notebook to identify bugs...

They got painted egg cartons to identify different colors in nature...

They made "grass buddies"...

And they just got to be silly and have fun with friends. What could be better than that?

Oh, maybe some gummy worms to top it all off!

Thank you magical mommies and dear friends!!
You know how much I love you right??