Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh Owen!

Thank you for playing with a ball in the gutter for almost an hour today! Thank you for letting the simplest things bring you pure joy! Slapping dirty, green-tinted water all over you, giggling non-stop, and throwing a little red ball--Who knew!?

Thank you for letting your big brother squeeze you with love! We all have that instinct when we're around you!

Thank you for being the sweetest, best-natured little guy ever!
We love you!


Marilyn said...

Owen is the sweetest, cutest thing ever! He's so huggable. Love you all, Mom

Camille said...

Oh! he is scrumdidilyocious! Looks like Hannah! Love you!

Karen S said...

So cute. I was taking pictures of Alex today at preschool and he sure knows how to smile for the camera.

Britt said...

He was super good and sweet this morning at my house, too. A grand day for Owen. Even if he couldn't keep his pants on.

Mary Beth said...

Your kids are so cute Annie! It's fun to read through your blog. I miss bumping into you at school!