Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter in St. George!

This was the best shot of all the kids in their Easter clothes (all from Grandpa). Hannah's matching yellow dress didn't fit, so she wore my old dress from when I was little--all eyelet with a pink ribbon waist--very vintage! jk

The Hunt!

Watch out for Hannah--she's quick and methodical! We had to slow her down so the younger ones could find some eggs.

Cousin Logan loved the dinosaur eggs!

Jake was slow and steady!

Cousin Liam was having fun just running around after the big kids!

Alex just stole from his little brothers basket!

Owen with some chocolate drool!

My brother Steve and his wife Michelle

Liam would give you these to-die-for eyes and then sneak an egg from your basket! So cute!

Hannah showing off her loot!

The Practical Joke

The highlight of the day was when Alex played a joke on his unsuspecting Grandma...

It was a real bug he found in the backyard! He thought he was so funny! Thankfully someone warned her or she seriously would have had a heart attack! I opened it just to pretend to Alex that I was surprised and I still screamed...even though I knew what was in it! Something about those black spindly legs! eck! It was pretty funny!

It was a wonderful Easter at Grandma and Grandpa's house and we feel so thankful and so blessed!


April & Jacob Dean said...

Hey Annie, I actually just added you to my blog because I found yours off of mandy's blog as well! I loved looking at the pics and seeing how big your family is getting. Alex and Ellie would be a pretty cute couple! We are well, living in Clovis Ca in the valley. Love it but want to be near the coast someday! The twins are two in June! Ellie turns 5 this month! You look great in the family pic, good shot! Take care and enjoy your road trip

Mandi Crockett said...

oh you slay me. Owen is getting huge. Where have you been my whole life!? Did you notice I finally got camille on was about time. love you!

Britt said...

Oh, I love it. Go Aggie.

Rach said...

Aggie - so classic and so him. You'll have to tell him to do it again to Drew and Ty at gymnastics. They'd love it.

Farrah said...

The bug in the egg - how did we miss that one?? I love the pic of John and Owen on the bus too. Too cute. Can't wait for part 3!