Monday, April 14, 2008


Why I think you can learn a lot about a man from a one-year old baby boy...

1. They have an affinity for female's chests

2. They love to eat...all the time. It is the way to their heart.

3. They can duplicate the sound of an engine before they can speak.

4. They love remote controls and cell phones and all gadgets.

5. They love to pee publicly--as soon as it hits the air!

6. They love to be in the buff.

7. They treat their appendage as an anchor and they hold on for dear life.

8. They grunt when they want something.

9. They melt your heart.


Camille said...

So cute! Great writing, hilarious. My Luke does have a obsession with my chest, quietly trying to cop a feelsy every now and then. How cute was mandi's tribute to you, raindrops from your eyes, i'm sure.

AnnieB said...

I know! A tear-jerker! She has a way with words and it was so unexpected and sweet.
(How could any boy not love your chest, by the way!? It means even more to us flat-chested mommas when they still want some!)

Rach said...

What are you all doing on your blogs this early in the morning? I must be doing something wrong, because I don't get my blog fix until nap or bed time. Love the post!