Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hannah's Own Language

(this is a silly picture from Grandma and Grandpa's house that has nothing to do with the post, but is funny nonetheless...)

Hannah just ran into the kitchen very excitedly and said, "Mom! Every Webkinz in the WHOLE EYED WORLD is celebrating Webkinz Day today!"
Me: "Wait, wait, wait...did you just say "Whole EYED world"?
Hannah: "Yeah, the whole eyed world."
Me: "No Honey, it's whole WIDE world!" (with big arms to help demonstrate)
Hannah: "Ohhh! (pause for a while) I get it."
The look on her face can only be described as a lightbulb, yes, but also... remember when someone told you the correct lyrics to a song that you had sung wrong for a very long time? Part of you liked it better the way you interpreted it. Sometimes you'd just prefer to leave the light on dimmer!!

It reminded me of another word that she constantly says wrong but I hate to correct because it is so dang cute--"Remember"
Demonstration: "Mom, Benember when we went to that lake with the life guard that covered himself in mud? Benember when he let us get up in his lifeguard chair? Benember how much fun that was?"...
Too cute to correct!


Mandi Crockett said...

Oh so cute!! I have this happen to me still and I'm 29!! I remember when I was in college and I realized I thought "windchill factor" was actually "windshield factor." That was not a good day! MIss you, love you and thanks for all your comments! They make my day. Give hannah a kiss for me.

Camille said...

Windchill factor isn't right????? Benember I told Ben that William was his splitten image, make sense right like a split clone? So cute, Hannah cuteness!

P.S My kids were totally stoked over Webkinz World day too! They need to meet in a little club room! Lots of love
ha ha,

AnnieB said...

I DO remember the splitten image comment. Now that I think of it, I think you have your own language too--a Mexican/American mix! Miss Maahhngos!
Tomato, Tomahto
Ta Ta

Eagar Fam said...

Ok, this one made me laugh out loud! I love it! And I bet Alicia could relate, she has a ton of Aliciaisms.

Brent and AmberLee's Family said...

I just have to tell you how much I enjoy reading your insights. This is so cute.