Thursday, March 13, 2008

FHE and Sacred Trees

Who knew you could do so much with Cheerios?

We had Family Home Evening the other night with our kindred friends, the Slavens. We love them! They are so fun and crazy and laid back and our kids adore eachother. She has this great little FHE Book that includes a recipe with every brief, to-the-point lesson (much needed for small ones!)

The lesson was on Joseph Smith's experience in the Sacred Grove and everyone got to make their own sacred tree. Kristi got a little crazy with the food coloring as Monte's advising, "It only takes a few drops!" They were some pretty bright green trees!! "Happy little trees!" The kids loved it.

Chancellor, who ate every one's tree trunks. He's a tootsie roll lover!


Jack Jack and Dallin

Alex with his boot shaped tree!


Hannah with her christmas tree! (certainly sacred!)

Jolly Green Owen!

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Sally said...

Jakey's 3D tree is awesome!

Can you find out and share the name of the FHE book?

Your kids are just adorable.