Saturday, March 15, 2008

Night at the Theatre

Danville Children's Musical Theatre presents...

Grandma Blatter took all of us (minus dads and little ones) to the showing of Mulan on Thursday night.

The kids with grandma and their cousins, Mason and Katie.

It was a lot of fun and nice to see so many kids from the stake involved! Where are all the San Ramon kids, by the way?? We need to represent!! (Maybe you need to live in the town of Danville, since it is the Danville theatre? Does anyone know? Paige? I guess San Ramon has it's new cute little theatre at the Dougherty Valley Community Center--Jake and Hannah did The Little Mermaid there a couple of years ago.

The kids fell in love with Mushu and cracked up on every one of his lines. They were either very excited or downright nervous (Alex) to meet him after the show!

Thanks Grandma! It was a great night!


Britt said...

sounds fun...guess we should have tried to make it. maybe next time.

Paige said...

Anyone can try out if their moms are willing to bring them to practice! Ages 10-16. You awesome to go. Glad your kids love it.

Sleepovers- I just say no. We have "pretend" sleepovers where kids go to their own homes at 9. No one sleeps at a sleepover. Bad things happen. I remember, I was the bad thing. I'm trying to never say never, but with my boy and girls 1 grade apart in school I can only imagine the future