Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Fever!

I LOVE the cherry blossoms everywhere! It is such a beautiful time of year! (I say, as I sneeze!--No, actually my allergies aren't too bad but I really did sneeze right then!) Anyway, we've been enjoying the good weather with some outdoor activities on the court! Sorry to those of you still in the snow!

Jake on his too-small bike!

Hannah and her buddy Ava and Alex in the Barbie Jeep

Driving off into the sunset!

The boys on the greenbelt.

Owen watching all the action.

Can I ride too, Mom?


Paige said...

I agree, the cherry blossoms are amazing this year! My kids ride 3 or 4 to the Jeep too. Very safe, no? Actually, I don't really know because they go out into the court and then come in an tattle periodically when someone does something bad. It's a great system.

Farrah said...

oh, I love cherry blossoms too!! I can't wait to come visit CA and enjoy all that stuff!