Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Little Tramps

The pictures say it all...

This one's my fave!

There was another one with their behinds pressed up against the screen but I decided to leave it out!)

I love that trampolines have nets around them now. I can't believe we didn't think of that sooner! Just think of all the unnecessary accidents from your youth! Every set of stitches I have ever received (pre-babies, of course) was the result of a trampoline accident. I guess, upon reflection, mine couldn't have been avoided even with a net...first time I came down on my friend Desiree's head but thankfully her dad was a plastic surgeon and stitched my chin up right on his kitchen counter! The next incident was across the street at Nikki's house and I did a seat drop but my knee came right up into my mouth and knocked my front teeth into the roof of my mouth! That was a scary one--blood everywhere! I think I was twelve and rushed to the hospital where another neighbor, a dentist, came and did a root canal. Thankfully I pushed the teeth forward with my tongue and they could be saved. However, years later in my late teens when my braces finally came off I had a very slightly blue tooth that had died over the years from an uncapped root canal! Thanks a lot neighbor!! I guess John fell in love with me with my slightly blue tooth so maybe it gave me character! Thanks a lot neighbor!! Don't worry I was back to my pearly whites way before the wedding! Can't have your teeth clash with your dress!

Gosh, just thinking about the accidents of my youth make me question having the death trap in the backyard! But, as you can see, it gives hours of pleasure!

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Marilyn said...

Great pictures, Annie! I love the mashed faces and the upstanding hair. It was fun reading your memories of your trampoline accidents. It seems like those things happened yesterday - time just goes too quickly. Looks like you had tons of fun at Dave & Busters, and what extraordinarily handsome and beautiful people you are!!!
Love you, Mom