Saturday, March 8, 2008

Katherine's Baby Shower

My darling friend Katherine is having a baby girl and so my friends Mel and Darci and I decided to throw her a shower. Several months ago when she had just moved here, she introduced herself to us at the park and I'm sure she didn't realize that once you meet a couple of Mormon ladies, you instantly have a whole network of friends! She is so cute and I'm so excited for her.

Here's the mom-to-be!

Bonnie, Mel, Katherine, and Darci

The spread! Delish! Darci made this breakfast strada (strata?) with eggs, ham, artichokes, four different cheeses and seasoning that was beautiful and delicious. Mel made yummy banana chocolate chip muffins and I warmed up the cinamon rolls! (I asked my friend Karen for her recipe because she makes the best cinnamon rolls ever but it looked way too complicated so I found a good bakery instead!)

Mel's darling cake! Isn't she creative?! It was so light and yummy (her recipe is posted on her blog (the Fossons)

Gotta love the bottled lemonades from Trader Joe's!

Opening presents!

So cute!


Dave and Crissie said...

Annie what a cute blog! I love the story about Alex, been there before. Your family is so cute. Keep up the posts!


Eagar Fam said...

Your table looked so pretrty. I loved all the white dishes! :)

Britt said...

The house looks the beautiful table. Almost makes me want to have a baby so you can throw me a shower...almost.

Farrah said...

Hey that's my kitchen curtain fabric on your table! Love it!