Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday Friend Day...and Night!

I've noticed that I've posted a blog almost every night this week! We're usually much too boring to post so often, so I'm sure things will slow down this next week!
Anyway, yesterday was Friday Friend Day which we do every Friday with two other families (you have all the kids--11 in total!--one week and then you're off the next two and can go out sans kids!) It's a beautiful thing! The Larson's were missing due to illness, so we just had the Callaway girls and it ended up a sleepover with the big girls.

Neve, Hannah, and Maren. We missed you Maddie!

They were so excited--typical squealing and hugging and jumping up and down! They are so dang cute! They had a dance party complete with strobe lights (Neve flipping the switch up and down!) and giggled and whispered until nearly 11 o'clock when I finally had to sit down in the doorway to let them know I was serious! (I totally remember my friends' moms doing the same thing!) Crazy! My little girl is growing up!

With boy/girl twins, I figure we better do the sleepovers now because we won't be able to do them when they're older! Too tempting! Any suggestions on slumbering during the pre-teen and teenage years? I hate to have a blanket "No Sleepovers" policy because I loved sleepovers growing up but bad things can happen!


Britt said...

i love it!. neve's hair looks like it should be the morning after shot, not the night before. scary.

AnnieB said...

it is the morning after shot...all bedheaded and bushytailed! i probably should have taken her hairbands out...sorry!

cait&brig said...

i can't believe these little babies I used to hold are having sleep overs!