Monday, January 12, 2009

Sledding Fun!

(More Winter Break)
After our day of skiing, we had a day of sledding...

Owen in his gear!

He had a little blue sled and he'd go down all the hills on his own! John just pushed him down! He did it while I was taking pictures and I didn't realize that it was my little baby coming down so fast. Lisa heard a woman yell, "NOT THE BABY!" but Owen LOVED it! "Again, again!"

Hannah and Owen

Katie and Lisa

Me and the girls

Cute Katie and Hannah

Their snowman

Notice Sydney's beaming happy face in the above picture. Well, that was the last of it. She was a grouchy, crying girl for the rest of the time. I felt bad for Lisa but it really was quite funny!

Me: "Hey Syd! What's the matter? Come on! Your cousins want to play with you!"
Sydney: (wailing) "Leave me alone!"
Me: "But Syd, you're missing out on all the fun by sitting over here being grouchy!"
Sydney: (still wailing) "I'm grouchy because I didn't get enough sleep! My daddy snores!"
How do you reason with that!?!

Uncle Scott and Aggs

Alex trying to smile after he did a flip and crashed!


John and Owen

All my boys!

The train

Owen's little perch.
Snow angels, sledding, snowmen, and siblings. Sounds fun? It was. I'm working on a little video of the action.


Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

Your family of ski bunnies is too cute!! I bet your kids loved all the winter fun!!

Britt said...

Mental note: Please finish tee shirt stating "I am the fourth child, don't be alarmed" for Owen.