Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Black Rock Ranch

1 holiday weekend, 3 days, 2 nights, 1 ranch, 8 adults, 14 kids, 1 dog, spur of the moment, 1 big adventure.

The Hales, the Callaways, the Blatters, the Edgrens

We rode four-wheelers and motorcycles...

John and Owen



Hannah and Maren


Jake and John

Me and Owen

John on the mini

Maren and Hannah

Owen dying to go

"motorcycle" is his favorite word
We had kung-fu karate parties (a.k.a let the kids run around and around and get sweaty in the kid's room while the adults peacefully converse with one another)...

We went on several adventures in the mule...

John was the official "Farm Safari" tour guide. We saw mating cows, wild turkeys, a friendly river otter, a little blue bird with a broken wing, and a centipede. It was quite thrilling!

the bull was not very happy that we rained on his parade!

John's "getting-the-mule-out-of-a-difficult-spot" face

Me and Owen enjoying the ride

The ladies turn to take the mule out

Gordy lovin' it
We also hung out at the lake, fishing and canoeing...

Jake put on a show for us--he can really shake those hips!

Kelly and Aden taking us for a ride. They were so in sync with their rowing!

Neve, Owen, and me

It was seriously straight out of a Country Time Lemonade commercial.

Good times!
Any casualities, you ask? Two lake rescues--one was Ben and the yellow four-wheeler. (He was just trying to turn around and slid right in!) The second was Miss Sammie Lou. (Fell right off the dock while fishing and was immediately scooped up by Brad)
Not at all!
If you would have asked me before the trip which two kids would get into a pinch, I would've bet money (if I were a gambling girl) on Ben and Sammie Lou!! They are the most adventurous and spunky of the group!

Again, thanks to Britt for the fabulous photos and the Edgrens for access to the fabulous ranch!


Linsey said...

Refer to my earlier comments about your kids smiling all the time. Can my kids come live with you too?

Wendy said...

It seems like you guys are always doing something fun. Looks like good times and a great way to break up the winter (then again, I've heard its pretty warm in those parts).

Mandi Crockett said...

oh, so fun. great pictures and great company! seriously need to see you... it's getting weird!

Shannon said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Next time call the Carvers to come along too! We don't eat much and we have 2 babysitting aged kids! hee hee.

Rach said...

Ok, who put the pregnant lady in the front of the group shot. Seriously, friends you need to help me help myself!! I needed the Blatter arm pose too! Anyways, so glad you could come, hope we can get another trip in before it sells!

Camille said...

Oh So FUN!! I love that you guys live life and have fun. I miss the fun with you guys!

Marilyn said...

Wow - what a fun way to spend a long weekend, and what a beautiful place to spend it in!

cmontroy said...

How fun! No pics of the mating cows huh? We were at the zoo once and Damon took pics of the mating giraffes! Oh Damon You guys always know how to have a good time!