Monday, January 5, 2009

My New Nephew!

Here he is...

My brother Jon and his wife Farrah welcomed 10 pounder Graham Alan Lamoreaux on December 31st. What a way to spend your New Year's Eve! I am already in love with this little guy. Isn't he adorable!?
Congrats! I love you and can't wait to kiss those cheeks!

Dear Mom,
I added some pics to the "Merry Christmas" post from Christmas Eve. Thought you would enjoy. I love you!


Camille said...

delish..I must say!

Marilyn said...

Isn't he scrumptious!! It was an extra special New Year's Eve, that's for sure!
I checked out the "Merry Christmas" post again, and the pictures are all so cute. What a fun time we had. Can't wait to see everyone again this weekend for Jake's and Hannah's baptisms.
Our calendar arrived last night, Annie, and it is fabulous! Thank you so much.
Love you, Mom

Rach said...

Wow! You Lameroux's also have a talent for getting your tax cuts in for the year! He is so cute, I love his chubby cheeks.

Farrah said...

Awww, fun to get on your site and see my little man. We are actually spelling his middle name Alan (after my uncle on my Dad's side.) Speaking of which I should really be sleeping while the baby's sleeping instead of reading people's blogs!!!

cmontroy said...

so cute! Does he look like Georgia or am i crazy! I will have to call them!

Mandi Crockett said...

so cute. want to eat those cheeks! i need to make you a new header! i'll get on it. can i use those pictures from christmas card? lovin' and missin' you from afar!