Saturday, January 10, 2009

Skiing in Tahoe

(Still catching up on Winter Break!)

We almost didn't do it because I could buy a piece of furniture for the amount of money it costs to put all three kids in ski school for the day, but I'm so glad we did!
It was quite a mommy moment to see them all decked out carrying their rented skiis with a big smile on their face. They were ready to go...

We got the kids off and to school and then we headed for the slopes. It was such a beautiful day and it doesn't get better than skiing with the view of the lake in front of you!
Look at that view!!
Grandma came too and it was so fun.
Lisa, Kim, Me, John
Do you think it's time to retire my old bibs from high school? Every year I tell myself I'll get new gear but it's so expensive and we really only go to the snow once or twice a year and those bibs are just so warm and cozy...and puffy!!

We picked up the kids at three and got to check out their progress...
They all had great form...Hannah was hilarious...almost in the splits by the end! They were ready for the big hills!

After they got out of school we still had an hour before the resort closed so John took Alex up the chairlift first and they went down a long run. John missed the turn for the green run and ended up taking Alex down a BLACK DIAMOND!! He had Alex hold on to his ski pole and they got through it after some burning thighs on John's part! We were waiting at the bottom and Alex was beaming! He was so proud of himself and kept telling everyone he went down a "black diamond!" Hannah wasn't so sure she wanted to go after that, but Alex took her by the shoulders and said very serious with big eyes, "Hannah, TRUST ME, you're going to love it!" It was so cute and the perfect pep talk! She decided to go and she loved it! She skiied on her own the whole way down and wanted to go again! Jake decided that ski school was enough for him and was done.
Grandma was so proud!
End of the day. So nice to take those boots off.
The view on the way back to the cabin.

Ahhh, the hot tub. Perfect way to end the day! Mason and I even dared each other to put our bums in the snow. (Haven't done that in years!!) I guess the bum freezes wore him out! He's such a faker!


Prilla said...

What a fun trip. I love Lake Tahoe. We haven't been since Mikkele was 1. We definitely need to get back there again soon.

Britt said...

Such fun Winter Break trips. We missed you guys. You are such a snow bunny in those bibs. Sweet. I love the bibs, no snow up your back when sledding down with the little ones.

Jocelyn said...

You work those bibs Annie, call it "Retro chic." Were you guys aware that Jake is sleeping in the hot tub?

Jocelyn said...

oops, not jake - Mason.

Camille said...

Love the bibs!infact can I call you "bibs"?? I need to catch up from Christmas, so behind.

Karen S said...

How fun! We took the girls to the snow last year and after spending like an hour waiting in line and getting Morgan outfitted with skiis, she went down like a 5 foot hill and said, "I'm done. I don't like that." Maybe this year.

Linsey said...

Your kids must never stop smiling -- what a fantastic life experience you are giving them!