Sunday, September 28, 2008

On the Delta

Saturday was HOT and we knew it would be our last boat trip of the season, so after three soccer games (yes, 3...every Saturday 'til the end of November) we loaded up and headed out to the Delta with the Callaways.

Hannah, Maren, and Neve

Alex and Jake

Kiera gives it a thumbs up

Hot Owen--he gets so flushed!

Me and Owen

John, the sexy driver.
(I did get to drive the boat so that he could wakeboard and I was quite proud of myself!) It's hard (and daunting) to get much driving practice with a lot of great drivers in the family!

The water was glassy and perfect! The adults all wakeboarded, every kid (excluding Owen and Kiera) kneeboarded, and there was lots of tubing...

Alex getting ready on the kneeboard

The littles...Neve, Kiera, and Alex

The bigs...Hannah, Jake, and Maren

At one point a little hydroplane(?) came out of nowhere and flew right down over the top of us. I thought he was going to land right on us he was so close! The kids thought it was so cool and especially loved that they could so clearly see the pilot give them a wave and a thumb's up.

Here's Alex climbing on top of the cage and then jumping in! Crazy! He is one brave little guy!

We did alot of swimming breaks to escape the heat (and more than likely had some potty breaks too!)

Clay and the girls



The gang

Mmmm Kiera!

Me and Britt
We did not make it home in time for the RS Broadcast but Britt and I recorded it and watched it later that night. I LOVED Brother Uchtdorf's talk about a woman's divine gift of creation. Creating something beautiful from unorganized matter is a God-like and God-given gift and we should cherish it! What a wonderful perspective on that gift--whether it's creating babies, beautiful spaces, art, cuisine, memories, smiles, teaching moments...anything...creating beauty out of ugliness, poignancy out of sadness, basically creating positives out of the negatives. It was such a wonderful thing to be encouraged in that area and I liked his advice for us to not be so hard on ourselves (as women often are). Revel in the creative process--not so much on how it actually turns out! Great advice on a Great day!


Hailey Kandell said...

How fun, I think our boating season is already over....

Jocelyn said...

How many hours are in YOUR Saturday?

Farrah said...

Darn, how does the RS Pres forget about the RS Broadcast? Lol.

Rach said...

I LOVE the photo of you and Britt. You two are so beautiful. Looks like you had a lot of fun. We MUST go more often next summer.

Marilyn said...

Three soccer games outside in the heat doesn't sound too fun, but the boat trip looks fabulous (except for poor Owen who looks SOOOOO hot!!). I loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk, too. You really captured the essence of it and his unique perspective on creativity. The women in the RS Presidency all gave really good talks, too, but I especially liked Sister Beck's. Thanks for sending the talk (another great talk!) from Elder Wilson. Love you!

Camille said...

thanks for your generous comments! dear are the ray of sunshine to all! I love the pics of the kids and you guys, last days to soak up in the summer sun.

Miss you from Texas.

joni said...

The end of summer...(sigh) Looks like you guys lived it up. Fortunately, your tans wont fade as quickly as ours.

Chelsea said...

What a fun day! I haven't been on a boat in years.

That snuggie picture is hilarious:)