Friday, September 5, 2008

Alex's First Day of Pre-K!

Thursday was Alex's first day of preschool this year. He's not five yet so we decided not to send him to Kindergarten until next year, since that is the trend with boys in California, and I'd much rather him be among the oldest in his grade than the youngest. Another year of maturity never hurt a lad! I think he will love his new school as there are many great friends there. 11 boys in about his same age group and one little girl--Miss Sammie Lou! (If any little girl could hold her own among 11 boys it would be SL2!!)

Here's my boy! So proud!

Carpooling with his buddy Jack-Jack!

He gives it two thumbs up!


Mandi Crockett said...

um, that means alex and william will be in the same class! how cool. i didn't realize this! good times.

ps we need to do a twilight moms unite night before the movie!!

Marilyn said...

Cheers to Alex!! And how fun for Sammie Lou to be the only girl with 11 boys. She might not like it now, but she'll LOVE it when she's older. Mandi - I like that "Twilight Moms Unite Night." I think you guys could really market it. (Another empire just waiting to be conquered!)

Wendy said...

Very cute. I think that is smart of you to wait to put him in next year. For some weird reason California has a December cut off date instead of the August cut off date like the rest of the country. I was one of the youngies since my birthday is in October. I dare say I probably would have done a little better had I waited a year.

cmontroy said...

So cute! I held Kaylee back too. I think it will be better and more fun to be the oldest and first to do things, like drive, date, and whatever else. Just one week in pre-school for kaylee this year and it has been a confirmation of my decision. She loves being the oldest and furst to catch on to things. A little confidence boost never hurt!

cmontroy said...

looks like i need to go back to pre-school too... furst? opps!