Friday, May 30, 2008

Preschool Graduation!

My little boy's growing up!

Alex had his Preschool graduation this week and they had a little program where they sang a bunch of cute songs and Alex was hilarious. Through many of the numbers he closed his eyes and rocked back and forth like a groovy Stevie Wonder! We were cracking up!

After the songs, each child came up to the microphone and introduced themselves. Alex said in quite a high-pitch, shy, little voice, "Hehwo, My name is Awex." Mrs. Michel told everyone that his favorite color is yellow and his favorite food is spaghetti and that when he grows up he wants to be...At this point she hands the microphone back to him and again in a cute, high-pitched voice, he says "A biw-da!" (builder, in case you were wondering!)

He then catapults himself off in a power jump off the pedestal over to get his certificate. It was pretty cute and very exciting!

Alex, Morgan, and Ty

Hooray for graduation!

(He actually has one more year of preschool at another school since he is a September birthday and won't start Kindergarten this year.)

I love this kid! He is scrumptious and delightful and fun and hilarious.  He has a great personality and loves to make others laugh. He is sweet and kind and I am so proud of him. 
I love you, Awex! Keep up the good work!


Mandi Crockett said...

cute... can we hang out this week for crying out loud! I haven't seen you since our b-days! schedule me in!

Britt said...

way to go, aw-ex! we think you are pretty darn cute, too.

Karen S said...

We just watched the video of the graduation today and laughed and laughed when Alex said he wanted to be a builder (mostly just at the way he said it). Cute kid!

Rach said...

We LOVE Alex too!

Marilyn said...

So cute!! Congratulations, Awex! WE LOVE YOU and are so pwoud of you. Wish we could have been there for your graduation. Love your wellies, too - such a fashion statement for someone so young. Love you always, Grandma and Grandpa

Camille said...

Awex is the cutest, i love your kids!!!! Precious!! RLP grad???So cute!

Hailey Kandell said...

Erics email is he would love to here from you and give you a family update. You also can see Lisa's blog I have a link to it on my site it is steve and check it out!!!


Pre-School Graduation? Why not! I will miss that class, Alex was so fun to watch! We will have to hang out this summer!