Thursday, May 8, 2008

Celebrate the Arts Day!

Yesterday was an amazing celebration that the elementary school does every year. Ninth Year! The kids were thrilled! They bring in different local artists of all genres and do art all day long!

Hannah and Claire

Jake and Aidan

Opening Ceremonies.

Kids marching out with their class...The Prinicpal and Mayor singing "God Bless America!" (very touching, actually! They harmonized well)

I was assigned to help out with Martial Arts with this sweeeet instructor (My turbo kick boxing class came in handy!) Notice Jake in the background in that first pic.

Hannah and Jake both broke the board!

Music class with this amazing guy who used to tour with Mariah Carey! He oozed rhythm and soul!

Jake doing the drums. They had a jam session.

Lunch in the quad with the band playing wearing their art hats! (love Jake's face)

Buddies for life!
Great Day!


Camille said...

happy days!

Britt said...

I want to see some of those martial "arts" moves.