Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oh Owen!

It used to be that anytime I couldn't find you, I always knew where to look...

in the boy's closet with the bucket of cars (you're favorite thing!)

Now when it's been too quiet and I start to wonder where you headed off to, this is where I find you...

on top of the kitchen table,

on my counter in my bathroom,

on top of Hannah's bed...or some other lofty surface!

(that's right, come on down...and you better lose pink teddy bear before Hannah finds out!)

I don't think I'll tell Grandma and Grandpa about your new interest in climbing until they get here to watch you for a whole week! I wouldn't want them to change their minds or anything.


Camille said...

oh scrumptious! Luke is starting to get in to that stage, little menace!

love ya

Mandi Crockett said...

he is so cute, and what little busy body! Hope you are enjoying your cruise! Don't eat too much... ha ha!

Britt said...

I am so glad you went for #4 so you could enjoy the days filled with the excitement of never knowing where you might find him next!

Caroline Brock said...

Hannah's bedroom is SOOOO cute! I LOVE the pink stripes on the walls!