Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Picture Day at Gymnastics

Alex has gymnastics with his buddies Ty and Drew and Ty's aunt is Kelli Nicole, the amazing photographer. She happened to be in town last month for picture day so she captured the boys in their element...

Shout out to Miss Patti, Alex's wonderful teacher!
Thanks Kelli for more great photos!


Camille said...

oh cuteness, Alex's face in the last picture is classic! Youu know Eric was in gymnastics when he was 13 and I definetly attribute his ability to do a really good "cheerleader toe-touch" as an adult man. My kids would love gymnastics!

April & Jacob Dean said...

Hey Miss Patty was Ellie's teacher! Ask her if she remembers ellie and her twin brothers. Patty has 2 sets of twins! Crazy! She is great! Good times. Ok so I am jealous you are going on a cruise...without the kids? YOu are lucky, very lucky