Thursday, March 4, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance

John and Hannah attended the annual Valentine's Daddy Daughter Dance!
(It's the only time in the year that I can get John to wear his pink tie! Anything for his "little miss". He does adore Miss Hannah!

It was while Karli was here and we were celebrating her birthday, so I got Hannah all ready but then didn't get to go to the Send-Off. Thanks to Karen for taking some pictures!

They announced each girl as they came down the stairs and were met at the bottom by their daddy to escort them to the dance! So cute! Leave it to Karen to make things extra special!

Hannah had a lovely time and loves being with her great friends and loved especially having a matching dress with her cousin Katie! Good times!

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Marilyn said...

So many darling daughters and handsome dads. What a great tradition!