Thursday, February 25, 2010


Guess who got in trouble at school yesterday?
"No way!" you say, if you know this kid at all!
He almost had to write "I will be quiet in class" 20 times but his teacher actually forgot (and if you know Jake you would be surprised he didn't remind her.)
Guess what the infraction was???...
Humming too loudly
That's my Jake!

He actually never stops humming. Usually they are the Mario songs from all the different levels of the game. It's pretty comical. Drawing and humming are his favorite past-times!

He is such a good kid and if this is the worst thing this kid ever does at school, I'll be one happy mommy! (It could very well be.)
Pictures by Britt


Jenny said...

What a cute kid. Actually, as a teacher....well yes it is distracting.

Mandi said...

this is so classic! i can totally see that. what a cutie! i have a feeling william and him are a lot the same. Little lover boys! missing you big time!

Terrell said...

Just tell the teacher to get over it. It is in the gene pool from G and G. And we think he is the best and I love him for it. Love Grandpa

Paige said...

That is hilarious. Have you ever worked in a classroom with a few boys humming? It will drive you insane. And they don't even know they are doing it! Totally common. But I prefer to get in the kids face and tell them to SHUT UP. Maybe thats why I'm not a teacher.