Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

I love you so much!

In the words of your mom from your birthday card (who said it so perfectly and shares my enthusiasm of adjectives!)

"We love you more than mere words can express. You have always been a delight to raise {insert be married to/be acquainted with/be siblings with/be friends with/work with/etc.}--easygoing, kind, loving, FUN, well liked by all ages, sweet, funny, helpful, energetic, Mr. Fix-it, ready to party, responsible, extremely good looking, reliable, tidy, organized, inclusive of all, good driver (despite others on the road), friend to all, tender-hearted, spiritual, loyal, obedient, and SO many more outstanding qualities and I'm not even the slightest bit prejudiced!!"

Perfect words from a mother and dittoed by a wife. And I'll add "a wonderful father and husband." You must have had some great examples in your life!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and know how much you are loved and appreciated!
We love you!


Unforgettable said...

This is sooo sweet! I wish him happy birthday too!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday John! Love the pictures. Annie you are so beautiful, and John, handsome. A perfect match!

Garnetrose said...

I just wanted to stop and tell you how lovely you and your family look. Great pictures.

Rach said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN! Next year we should celebrate yours and brad's birthday together.

Jacob B said...

you forgot he is a good sport for letting you oogle over him in every other post on your blog. ( :

just kidding! Love you guys! Lets party sometime!

Marilyn said...

Hope you had a great birthday, John. And I agree 200% with your mom's and your wife's descriptions of you - you are all those wonderful things and beyond!!! We can't wait for your visit (in less than two weeks - hurray!!).