Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hannah's First Dance Competition

(I'm a little behind as this took place on the first weekend in March!)
It was such a fun day. Total mom and daughter day and it brought me back to my dance competition days...Stage make-up, bobby-pins, loads of hairspray, costumes and all!

Her team was the cutest hobo's you've ever seen. (and very refreshing next to all the scantily-clad 6 year olds walking about backstage!! Seriously people!)
(back at the studio...)

This cracked me up... she was stretching before going on stage...

Waiting their turn...

They were adorable and did a great job! (Unfortunately no cameras were allowed in the show!)

Phew. All done.

Such great girls. Love them all. So fun!


Chelsea said...

Such cute pictures! I have a really cute one of Hannah and Lily I need to post, but I still have blog Thanksgiving and Christmas too!

Lori said...

she is adorable!