Thursday, August 20, 2009

Owen vs. the Troll

My dad has a penchant for all things Scandinavian. He served a mission for our church in Norway and has picked up knick-knacks ever since. One such prized possession is his Norwegian Troll whom Owen took a disliking to right away!

How could you not love this face??

Owen nearly jumped out of his skin the first time he saw it and then would not walk past it, crying and insisting to be picked up. John moved the troll to the closet under the stairs during our visit and even then, Owen would cry and yell, "I scared! I scared!" and someone had to hold his hand just to pass the closet door. It was pretty hilarious! The first time I heard him crying, I thought he was hurt, but no, he was just scared to pass the closet door on his own.

Poor troll! buh-bye!

Here's the troll's little buddy who didn't seem to scare Owen.

At the end of our trip I asked Owen to pose with it and this is as close as he would get. He's backing up as much as he possibly could! I tried to hold it up next to him and he kept backing away shuddering saying "No mommy. I scared."

Poor Owen.

Other funny Owen stories...
I was praising him for running so "super fast" and he said "I take my vitamins this morning mommy."

Every time we pass a McDonald's without fail, he says, "Happy Meal! I need a Happy Meal mommy."

Every soda is "Diet Coke"

When he's gone potty, he comes over to me and sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Poopy Owen, How I wonder what you are, Poopy Owen." then he laughs and laughs and thinks he's so funny. I think he learned that song from Alex and anytime you laugh at him for something, he will milk it and continue to do said action over and over again.

Whenever you scrub him in the tub, put sunblock on him, change his diaper...basically anything that he has to hold still for a few seconds at a time...he says firmly, "That's enough mommy. That's enough." and he holds up his little hand.

Every time we pull into the garage from driving somewhere he likes to pretend to be asleep so I'll carry him in and pamper him and rock him and call him "Oh, Sleepy Owen!" The best part is how hard he squeezes his eyes shut to look peacefully asleep. It's pretty dang cute and irresistable!

Every time he's hungry or thirsty he comes to me and says, "Mommy, I hungry about _____"
I hungry about water, I hungry about hot dogs, I hungry about cheese, I hungry about horchata (pronounced "morchata" his daddy's favorite Mexican drink)

Oh Owen.


Linsey said...

The troll fear is hysterical. What a funny little guy.

Marilyn said...
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Marilyn said...

Cute Owen!! We miss you guys so much, and are so happy that you came to visit us. Now we are looking forward to Thanksgiving!!
Love you all,

Kimberley said...

I don't blame you Owen - looks pretty scary to me! Annie he sounds like such an adorable little boy xx

Shannon said...

That thing is stinkin' scary Annie! My grandparents have one that sits on a book shelf in their guest room, and to this day, if I sleep there, that scary troll thing sleeps in the hall closet, far away from me!

Miranda said...

That troll always gave me the creeps when I was living with you. I agree with Owen. That thing is scary!!

Chelsea said...

Oh man! That was funny.

Mandi said...

that troll would freak me out too! You should put that thing in John's front seat before he goes to work one morning and see what happens. Buckle him up and everything. If that doesn't freak a person out I don't know what would!

Farrah said...

That is hysterical! Esp. him pretending to be asleep in the car. I would be afraid of that troll too!!!!!! Scary! I can guarantee you Georgia wouldn't like it either.