Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School

Wha's Up? We're too cool for school.
Oh, my kiddies are getting so big! Even little Owester there with his big, cheesy grin! Wow!

Jake was even too cool to smile!
Oh, there it is...

We have two 3rd graders this year!! Jake and Hannah surprisingly got put in the same class! That will be nice for me with the increased workload of 3rd grade! They got the "strict" teacher so we'll see how that goes. I don't think she'll admire the way Jake doodles everything into an animal like his last teacher! "Oh, and just look how Jake made this 8 into a tiger! Isn't that wonderful? He's so creative!" I probably won't hear that at the next parent/teacher conference!

And guess who started Kindergarten??

That's right. Aggielicious.

And he's lovin' it so far. His teacher seems so nice and it will be a great transition for him. He's ready!
Can't believe it's the start of another school year. It was so quiet when Owen and I ate lunch together today. We actually had a nice little nice as a conversation gets with a two year old.


Paige said...

I hope by "got put in the same class" you picked it. If so I'm jealous bc the twins moms should get to pick Mine need to be in separate classes- good for them, horrible for me!

James said...

Nice work with the new camera Annie!

Britt said...

Oh the thrill of back to school. I loved it as a child, but am not loving it now!

Paige said...

Who needs email? At our school they seem to honor parent requests- my kids were together kindergarten but needed to be separated due to academic differences. It was great for them to 'own" their own classroom and stuff so we did it again this year. But it's HARD to have them separated but so much better form them.

yeah. if they didn't honor my parent request you know i'd be getting a lawyer. I'm just a little controlling. So happy the single classroom works for you! Kristen M. with Ben and Mia, who are in first grade, loves having her twins together too.