Monday, February 2, 2009

Aunt Kim's a Winner!

My beautiful and amazing sister-in-law whom I adore just won first place in a writing contest and 2nd place in a photo contest up at BYU-Idaho. The theme was "Living the Legacy". I'm so proud of her and proud that my little Alex was the catalyst for a great shot that won her some recognition and some money too! She has always loved taking pictures of Alex--he is pretty photogenic if I do say so myself.
Here's her picture entry with a brief essay: (I'll post her writing essay too if she lets me!)

“Soak Up the Childlike Wonder”

"My five-year-old nephew, Alex is the epitome of a nature boy.
He wants to discover all that his little feet are capable of exploring, with the surroundings he is given. His life is a constant candid photo-shoot when I am around him. I just cannot capture enough of his childlike ecstasy and wonder of Heavenly Father’s perfect Creation. When this shot was fired, him and I both knew it was the shot we were looking for. He loves looking at this photograph and telling me that he looks like he is a glowing sunbeam. The rays of sunshine perfectly illuminate the feeling that I feel every time I either look at him, or this photograph. “Living the legacy” is finding pleasure in a common thing, and making an ordinary circumstance extraordinary. It is standing in the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and knowing that through faith and a passion for wonder, little feet can conquer big mountains."

Here's another picture that she took from that same day that I love...

Congrats Kimbo!


James said...

Alright Kim way to go!!

Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

No wonder she won, look at that little face. perfect.

Rach said...

So cute and so true! Well done Kimmy!

Karen S said...

What a great picture. I have actually noticed how photogenic Alex is. I've got some good shots of him too over the last couple of years. Cute cute boy.

Marilyn said...

Wow, Kim - Congratulations!!! You are awesome and your writing and photography are so amazing. And Alex is awesome, too!! What a great, creative, inspiring pair you make - truly a match made in heaven. Love you!