Sunday, February 8, 2009

Last Minute, Last Chance...

Last trip to Black Rock Ranch. (last weekend)
It's been sold; it's gone and done.
Our future days of pleasure at the ranch are none!
We had to go up for one last time.
To enjoy the beauty and make the climb
To the very top to get this shot
So that we can always remember this idyllic spot.
I'm sad, it's true.
I'm downright blue.
And don't get me started on the kids, boo-hoo!
We're going to miss the beauty, the lake and the fun.
Thanks to the Edgrens for the chance to come.
Last "camp out"...
Last mule ride...
Last swing...
Last hike...

At the top...

(love this above shot--Brad threatened to throw a cow patty at them if they didn't smile and I don't think they thought he would do it, but he's a man of his word! It's that brown thing in the sky! Yuck!)
Funny story about the hike--Hannah decides when we're very near the top that she's over it. "It's too hot, I'm too tired, I have on too many layers and this weather is horrible!" (Ha! 68 degrees in January mind you!) This is very unlike Hannah who is usually game for anything and doesn't usually whine (comparatively speaking). She sits on a rock by the side of the trail and after some failed coaxing on my part I say, "Fine, see ya! Sit on the rock and mope while we're all looking at the beautiful view." She folds her arms, huffs, and replies, "fine!"
On our way down we pass a determined and teary faced Hannah march past us. "Where you going Hannah?" I ask. "To the top" she huffs without even looking at me. 
I knew she wouldn't give up! She once spent a whole birthday party on the climbing wall and didn't stop until she got to the top and could ring the bell. She's determined. I finished the hike with her and she was quite pleased with herself. She didn't complain about the "horrible" weather after that!

Last 4-wheeler rides...

We'll miss you dearly Black Rock Ranch.
Thanks for the amazing memories!


Karen S said...

How fun Annie. You guys are going to have such good memories of that place. Love the pictures.

Marilyn said...

What wonderful memories you've made. And I love your cute poem.

Camille said...

love your last minute trips, I wait to see your blog load up and behold! you and John have flown to Paris or taken Jake to see the green striped tiger in India!

Next up... Texas baby! When are you coming again?

call me

AmberLee said...

Such great pictures—it does look like amazing memories. And yea for Hannah, what an impressive girl.

You should write more in verse. That was good stuff.