Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First Pinewod Derby

John was out of town for Jake's first Pinewood Derby but thankfully (and upon many threats) he helped Jake with the car before he left town. If it were left up to me, Jake would have raced a wooden block with a nail polish paint job!

Jake designed his car, which he aptly named "Firedragon".

It was a beauty! It won an award for "Best Theme".

He was quite proud.

Unfortunately John failed to add weights to the car before he left (He claims Uncle Chris was going to take care of that for him at the weigh in?? fishy?) But the Firedragon hung in there. He was pretty much right in the pack but managed two 3rds and two 2nds. (One of those 2nds I swear was a 1st but apparently the computer doesn't lie!!)

He didn't qualify in the top 8 but I told him I was sure he was probably 9th and that must have satisfied him because for the rest of the night, he kept coming up to me saying, "Yeah, I was number 9. I just missed it!"

Here's the moms checking out the screen for the results!...

Owen was loving every minute of it...watching all the cars go by...

I brought a few cars from home so he wouldn't be tempted to steal them from the track.

He really likes cars.

Here's Alex enjoying the race...I think in his excitement he forgot what he was doing with his hand! Boys!

Here's the winner, "The Drill".

The Troop

At one point Jake said to me, "Mom, do you think we can make my car faster next year?"
I'll work on it buddy!


Britt said...

Yeah for Cub Scouts. My favorite is Aggie's roving hands...

Nice paint job and what a Nice Theme on that derby car. Way to go John and Jake.

Mandi Crockett said...

it is so cute to see jake in a cub scouts uniform! he is like a big kid! I can't even imagine william in cub scouts but I know it's going to happen as fast as you feel like it happened to you! missing you big time!

AnnieB said...

Britt--Thanks for reminding me that he won an award--I should probably put that on there! What would I do without you!?

Marilyn said...

Congratulations, Jake!! You and your dad (and mom) did a great job on your awesome Pinewood Derby car, and you look so handsome in your cub scout uniform. Grandpa and I hope you all have a super fun time in Arizona. Go Alex and the other mutton busters!!! Love you all so much!

Rach said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm excited for our first pinewood derby! I love Jake's car, you have to keep that.

Camille said...

love Alex hands! Classic hands in pants, why why why is that their favorite place?

Love that car!

Scott Porter said...

Annie, John should be ashamed for Jake placing so low. Doesn't he know this is really a competition between the Dad's?