Friday, October 31, 2008


Every year for Halloween we head up to our church for the annual trunk-or-treat. Last weekend was no exception. Carnival games, homemade root beer, and treats inside, then out to the parking lot to trick or treat from everyone's trunks. A very fun and very efficient way of collecting lots of candy!
Costumes look familiar anyone??

Jake wore that red dragon for years and Alex was sad to give up his dalmation doggy to his baby brother. Alex wore it for two or three years. Last year he had quite the pedal pushers and crotch wedgie, but he insisted. (Can I say "crotch wedgie" or is that inapropriate? Sorry, it's just the perfect description.) My kids are funny about not wanting to buy new--they like the old and familiar.


Brad and Angelina by Bryce and Alicia!
Alicia--you hottie! I don't know many people who can pull off Angelina and you did it brilliantly! Awesome! The tats and the boy/girl twins just added the final finesse!


Kenny and Linsey said...

Alicia's tat is fantastic -- what a great costume idea.

Your kids are cute, even in recycled costumes.

Rach said...

Not to mention who could birth 3 kids and still be as skinny as Alicia and Angelina! LOVED IT!!

Farrah said...

Oh my gosh, i so wanted someone to be B&A this year for Halloween since Jon and I do not dress up. Those guys rocked it!