Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Reason... kid's love their Dad!

He brings them left over doughnuts every Friday morning after Seminary...

And he buys them a box of sugared cereal every time he goes to the store!

This month General Mills has like a whole Halloween Series and so, of course, John has to get every one!

My kids were in Hog Heaven.

Nutritious? No. Memory making? Yes.
What else matters really?


Hailey Kandell said...

Ha Ha ew got sucked in to the sugar cereal special too, i mean 5/$10.... cant beat that!

Camille said...

what does nutrition really matter???It dosen't beat sugar intox cereal and donuts! Johns such a cool Dad, Eric buys it for the kids but eats it himself!



What a cute daddy! What a cute Owen. He is so big I can't believe it. Those marketers really know what they are doing with cereal boxes! :) Have a great week!

Marilyn said...

John is a great daddy! I love those cereal boxes, but the stuff inside not so much (too fruity and sicky sweet!). And you're a great mommy for taking care of the rat situation. I'm just glad he was dead - can you imagine if he had run at you or the kids from under the play structure. I would have had heart failure right on the spot. BTW, Owen's scar is practically non-existent! That's wonderful; he is so darling. Miss you and love you all!!

Marilyn said...

One more thing - I LOVE your Halloween photos of the past, on the side of your blog. Everyone looks so cute! What's everyone going to be this year?

Foulgers said...

Your blog is so adorable, your personality totally shines through while reading it, I love it. And your disneyland pictures are so cute, and the hansel and grettle costumes!...classic.

Kenny and Linsey said...

I'm with your kids, my devotion can absolutely be bought with donuts and sugared cereal, and no, I have no shame.