Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Day of School

"Schoooool's... out... for... Sum-mer!" 
We've been singing this around our house complete with a little head-banging and "Rock On" fingers! We are so excited for summer--sleeping in, swimming, spontaneous outings, and no schedule! (I am fully aware that in about a week's time, I will be missing the schedule of school and not having 4 kids home all day, every day!)

We will miss you Mrs. Navarro! The twins had a great teacher this year and they keep reminding me that they are officially 2nd graders now! Remember that?? The day school ended, you were suddenly and unequivocally the next grade up!
Great friends...
Hannah and Brooke

Nicholas and Jake

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Eagar Fam said...

You have 2nd graders! That is so crazy! I can't wait 'til your kids can babysit my kids...ha ha ha! Happy summer days. We'll see you soon.