Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Alex and I were riding our bikes on the greenbelt this morning after dropping off the twins at school and it was really, strangely quiet--no one was out on the path.

Alex: "I love it when it's really quiet."
Me: "Yeah? That surprises me about you (secret smirk)...Does it make you feel peaceful and calm?"
Alex: "Yup. When it's quiet you can hear the birds chirping and the leaves wrestling in the trees."

I didn't know that leaves wrestled, did you?
Too cute! 

Speaking of trees...
Can you spot someone lurking in this one? (you have to look really hard!) You can click on it to enlarge it if you're stumped. (Stumped, get it?? HA HA)

Apparently she got up even higher than that! (John took the pics) This is how she got up! Crazy little Mowgli girl!


Camille said...

So cute, AWEX! I love to wrestle in the leaves myself.

Half A Dozen said...

You probably don't remember me. I went to high school with you in Highlands Ranch, CO. Anyway, I found you through Carrie Montroy (Wall)'s website. Your family is so cute.

We are at

Best wishes,
Crystal Fowler (Holm)

jocelyn said...

Annie, you probably remember me also. I am glad I came across your bog, now I can see what your cute family is up to - always busy doing something fun.
love you - jos

Camille said...

Totally took a little while to spot her...good one.

GREENLAW said...

cute post... she must have 3 brothers!! :) you asked about the blog background... go to my blog, look at my favorite sites, and click on leelou... there are other sites that have these, but she's got really cute backgrounds and they're easy to add to your blog. let me know if you have questions!