Thursday, June 5, 2008


Me: "Hey Jake! How was school today?""
Jake: "It was good." 
(long pause) 
Jake: "No wait! Actually, it was great!"
Me: (chuckling with a big smile on my face)
Jake: (very serious) "What's so funny?"

He has to be the most literal child on this planet! He truly did not get that what he said was cute. He was just stating the facts. It was not a good day, it was a great one and he wanted to make sure he was stating the truth. This child could never tell a lie! (Well, almost never!)
I love you, Jake! You are the best!


Camille said...

oh cute, I know 2nd grade! They are growing, I can't wait to see our 7 yr olds together....Jackson has really grown up this year. Love you mucho!

Jessarella said...

What a cute family you have! Such a fun filled jam packed life it looks like too. I can't wait for all the fun adventures as my twins grow up. It is going to be fun keeping up with you and your family. I love your blog. I looked at the whole thing already:)

xoxoxo from Utah

Camille said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog! Since getting comments is directly related to my self-esteem you make me feel so loved. I foret how to writ two sometymes!

P.s this blogging thing is the best thing ever I feel like we are back in our bosom buddies times! I think i am coming sometime in July but not sure yet the exact dates. I will let you know. Love you and your family!


I love those conversations!