Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

To the wonderful fathers in my life...

To my dad,
Thank you for your unconditional love, your amazing spirit and zest for life, your unwavering faith, and your sweet, soft, gooey middle that showed me that real men can cry!!

To John's dad,
Thank you for raising a wonderful son, for being such an amazing patriarch, for guiding with wisdom and love, and for being so great and generous.

To my husband and the daddy of my kids,
You are the best, seriously the best, and I love you so much! You are attentive and caring, fun and adventurous, solid and protective, and faithful and strong. Happy Father's Day!

To my sweet Uncle Bob who I love so much and I want him to know that I am thinking of him on this special day! I'm so sorry for your sickness and your pain and your discomfort. I'm so sorry I'm here and not there, hugging you. I wish I could magically take the cancer away the same way you magically took quarters out of my ears when I was little. I love you Uncle Bob and my prayers are always with you!! 

To my brothers who are awesome uncles to my kids and are now fathers of their own and are really good at it and make me very proud. I love you both!

And to all the other great father figures in my life...I love you!

Jake and Hannah recited a poem in Sacrament Meeting at church today and I was so proud of them--talk about the beaming joy of father- and motherhood! They had the whole thing memorized and only looked down a few times. Hannah recited the first 6 lines and Jake the last 6 lines. The poem is beautiful and sums up my feelings on fatherhood. I dedicate this poem to all of you...

My Father
by Barbara J. Porter

My father's feet will lead me in the paths I know are right.
My father's knees will bend with mine as we say prayers at night.
My father's lap will hold me when I need a place to rest.
And when I'm sad, I like to lay my head upon his chest.
My father's hands are big and strong, and they work hard for me.
My father's arms can lift me up so I may better see.
My father's lips will speak to me with words of truth each day.
My father's ears will listen to the things I have to say.
I like to sit so very still and look into his eyes.
I know he understands me, and he is good and wise.
I'm glad I have a father who guides me with his love.
He helps me better understand my Father up above.

I love you all! Happy Father's Day!


Marilyn said...

Oh so sweet! What a wonderful tribute to the great fathers in your life. I concur 100% on everything you said. We are so blessed in our family to have such great men, women and children who are so kind and loving and smart and caring and who bless our lives and keep us close always, even when we're far apart. I love you all, too! Mom/Marilyn

Camille said...

Great tribute to all the great men in your life. Love the "schools out" picture, I too am excited and now going a little crazy with them home!Love ya.

Brent and AmberLee's Family said...

What a great tribute to these hard working fathers. The sacrament meeting poem sounds like such a memorable moment. Way to go, Jake and Hannah.

Camille said...

i am sorry I am letting you down, our camera is broken so I am stuck, I have written on lurpy. I will try to make you proud and keep up with you master bloggers...don't follow my example I love checking everyday and seeing your new posts!

cmontroy said...

I like Camille- You are the master blogger! I don't think i will ever keep up with you. But i do love it! I love all those men in your life too even though i haven't met Uncle Bob:) Your'e Great!

Jon Lamoreaux said...

Thanks for the nice tribute, Annie. Everything I learned about parenting, I learned from loving your kids.

AnnieB said...

Awww Jon! I love you so much! I love that we've gotten so close in our later years--college and beyond!
I don't know if being a "master blogger" is a compliment or not!!! I shouldn't have so much time on my hands but I do make time for journaling and this is the best means to do it!