Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tribute to John

So, ever since I started blogging, whether it was opening up a gmail account or starting a playlist, I kept getting pop-ups on my computer every few minutes and it was driving me crazy! I told John that I was about to download a pop-up blocker to try to fix it and he told me that was the last thing I should do. (no more downloads!) So, he sits down and starts de-cluttering my computer and getting rid of stuff and it doesn't take him very long and it's like this new computer! It's faster and cleaned up and I (and the computer too, I'm sure, if it had feelings) feel like a burden's been lifted off our shoulders! Anyway, I decided it was a metaphor for our life! He is this great, calming, secure, de-cluttering force in my life and I'm thankful for him!

Love ya babe!