Friday, February 29, 2008

Red Flags and Laundry Bags!

So, I pick up Alex from pre-school yesterday and this is what he looks like...

Hmmm...Several red flags go off in my head:
1) he's wearing clothes that I don't recognize
2) he has a very sheepish look on his face and he's not quite making eye contact with me, and...
3) he's got the inconspicuous plastic bag of wet clothes slung over his shoulder!
You got it! "The Dreaded Accident!" Uhhh! You would think he was out playing at the little playground and was too engrossed in his dump trucks or his sand castle to go, but no, it happened right during circle time! Poor little guy! He was clearly distressed so I tried to make light of it, reminding him where to go and to hurry when he has "the feeling".

So, then we're driving home and suddenly he's yelling from the back seat,
"Mom...I gotta...go...poo!!"
What! Buddy, come on, hold it til we get home...
"Can't...hold...on...much...longer!!" "Go faster, go faster!"
I can't drive any faster!
"Faster, faster!"
Then he bursts into tears and I know it's too late! "Mommy, you didn't drive fast enought!" His little face crumples and he just starts sobbing, and I think to myself...well, at least they're not our clothes!!

Later after he's had his bath and the clothes are all in the laundry, he says to me with a very serious face, "Mommy, don't you wish we had a turbo blaster on our car?"


Karen Stapley said...

Poor little thing. I saw it coming on our ride to preschool, but I couldn't get him to go once we got there.

Britt said...

poor guy. can you just throw away the clothes?

AnnieB said...

They've already been laundered! Plus, I can't just throw away the clothes because I'm sure the preschool needs their dependable back-up outfit to accomodate the next misfortunate child to not make it to the toilet! (hopefully it won't be my child again!) In fact, they reminded me to return them on the way out!