Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brrrr! Lake Tahoe in January

We went up to the cabin last month and had a great time! It was beautiful! Owen sat in a little blue sled and we dragged him around everywhere. Alex, the 4 year old went skiing for the first time and refused to wedge his skiis to slow himself down. "No pizza, daddy! Only french fries!" The twins could only hack a half-day! We built sledding hills and snowmen and the kids especially loved the two-story icicles!


Eagar Fam said...

It's looking so good!
We had such a good time with all of this week. I miss you already. Tell Jake that baby Kade misses him. Love you!

Leisa Waldron said...

Annie, you will become addicted. I just started on at the beginning of the month too! It is so much fun. I will link you on mine!

Britt said...

i love the photo of owen all crusty with snow.