Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Karli's Visit!

Gosh, I miss her already! Karli came out last week to visit with her 6 month old Kade and despite the rain we had a great time! Aren't girlfriends just the best? We shopped in Berkeley at the Crate & Barrel outlet, ate late-night nachos and junk food, tried to watch America's Next Top Model, saw friends, and just dished and reminisced. Perfect! She is radiant and happy and super skinny again (of course!) and Kade is adorable. I wish she still lived here but ...we can't have it all, I guess!

Karli at the airport

Kade's first plane ride!

The girls!

The boys! My kids were in love with Kade!


Eagar Fam said...

Hey there, I wanted to check out Jon and Farrah's blog, but the page doesn't link. Did you remember to check it? Just a reminder...:) Your blog looks awesome!

AnnieB said...

hey! i'm not an invited guest on theirs anymore so it won't let me in! i'm trying to get back into their good graces! jk