Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blatter Bistro

So, for Valentine's Day Hannah and I decided to turn our dining room into a restaurant by decorating with white lights and hanging hearts to surprise daddy. She even wrote out a menu, complete with "grilld samin and aspergus". It was pretty cute! Although, wouldn't you know it, by the time John got home the kids were grouchy, I had a head-ache and Owen was crying. I was just a tad snappy and John retorted snarkily with "Well, Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!" Our moods improved as soon as we all sat down to our feast! I was especially happy that every kid ate (and loved) their fish!! It was a great Valentine's Day!

We have since gotten a new light fixture (finally!)

The heart shaped brownie in the center of the table was a gift from John. There were two delivered to our door for Hannah and I ("his two girls"). He won "brownie" points for that!

Hannah helped decorate the platter. She saw it on the food channel!


Farrah said...

Wow, look at Hannah turning into a regular Rachel Ray!

Britt said...

Are you sure Jake wasn't whispering in her ear? That boy has style.