Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Owen Story...

My dad reminded me that I must include this story...
Since the birth of Jake and Hannah my dad has always whispered a song in the ears of my babies every time he sees them. Even now he hugs them and sings this sweet song in their ear... It goes "Grand-pa lov-es Jak-ey" or Grandpa loves Hannah" or "Grandpa loves Alex" depending on which grandchild. My kids absolutely love it and they always snuggle in his lap and put their ear up to him waiting for their song.
Well, on his last visit over Christmas Grandpa gave out his songs as usual. Later, Owen snuggled up on his lap and then leaned in and starting singing in Grandpa's ear, "O-wen lov-es Grand-pa, O-wen lov-es Grand-pa" Grandpa was so touched as that was the first time any of his grandchildren had actually sang the song back to him! It was a very sweet moment and Owen loved the reaction he got so much that now he sings it to Grandpa on the phone whenever he talks to him.
Definitely worth recording!


Brecken said...

What a sweeite! Definitely worth writing down. Hope you are doing well!

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